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Microsoft Country Partner of the Year

clock April 21, 2011 19:58 by author Jeroen Derde

 At e-office we have been working hard at baking our Microsoft cake this year

Lets just say we are pretty serious about our baking skills.
To put the cherry on top we are submitting a great case to the anual Microsoft World Partner Conference in LA.

Check-LookupColumn PowerShell

clock April 14, 2011 01:08 by author Jeroen Derde

Today I had some issues with a Lookup Column in SP2010.

When using my Admin account I was able to edit an Item and select a value. When using my normal useraccount (with contribute rights on bot lookuplist an list) I wasn't able to select anything, and SP2010 showed an empty dropdown.
Looking at the column properties in SharePoint everything looked OK, but using SP Designer the properties where empty.
Figuring this just might be something other then a rights issue, I wrote a little PowerShell function to check the settings of my Column.


Function Check-LookupColumn($webURL, $listName, $columnName, $lookupListName)
 $web = Get-SPWeb $webURL
 $list = $web.Lists[$listName]
 $column = $list.Fields[$columnName]
 $lookupList = $web.Lists[$lookupListName]
 write-host "lookupweb              : " $column.LookupWebId.ToString() 
 write-host "should be equal to web : " $web.ID.ToString() 
 write-host "lookuplist             : " $column.LookupList.ToString() 
 write-host "should be equal to list: " $lookupList.ID.ToString()

Turned out that during the migration from one environment to the other, the references of the lookup column had not been updated.
The Admin account had sufficient rights on both environments, so it worked for that account. my user account on the other hand was not available in the source environment, so no sigar.
After updating the column with the right GUID's everything works again.

Wish I had seen this before writing my onw script Laughing, but the script to fix the lookup column can be found at:

New job at e-office

clock April 9, 2011 00:23 by author Jeroen Derde

April 1st I started my new job at e-office.  e-office focusses on Human software, and does this using Microsoft, IBM and Google technology.
Human sofware can be seen as 'messaging', 'collaboration', 'enterprise 2.0', 'unified communications', 'user experience' and 'mobile'.
It does however not stop at the technology, because at e-office we believe that people and organisations are an equal part of the equation.

I've joined the SharePoint team at e-office, and I'm already very excited about the upcoming projects that I have seen.

You can follow e-office on:





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