Today I waisted some time installing Windows 7 on my new Lenovo W510.

It has 2 HDD's so I could not use a win7 DVD. No problem there.
Borrowed a USB stick from a collegue (Thnx Jan) and downloaded this little tool. This allows you to copy an ISO of Windows7 to a USB drive and install it from there.


After copying the windows7 files to the USB drive I was ready to get started. So I put the drive in the side USB ports of the W510 and gor started. 30 minutes and lots of error messages later I decided to BING it.

It turns out you cannot install the laptop with a external  USB drive (or USB dvd player) on any but the rear usb.
I guess that this port is on another controller that is supported by default and the side (USB 3.0) ports are on another controller that is not.

Just thought I would put it out there for everyone else