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New job at e-office

clock April 9, 2011 00:23 by author Jeroen Derde

April 1st I started my new job at e-office.  e-office focusses on Human software, and does this using Microsoft, IBM and Google technology.
Human sofware can be seen as 'messaging', 'collaboration', 'enterprise 2.0', 'unified communications', 'user experience' and 'mobile'.
It does however not stop at the technology, because at e-office we believe that people and organisations are an equal part of the equation.

I've joined the SharePoint team at e-office, and I'm already very excited about the upcoming projects that I have seen.

You can follow e-office on:





Windows Search Advanced Query Syntax

clock April 14, 2010 01:04 by author Jeroen Derde

Today, I was looking for a song in my music collection. Because the collection has grown quite a bit lately I could really find the file I was looking for.
I did know it was a 192 kbps file, and the artist name. After a bit of searching the web, I found the following options for windows search that you can use in the search bar.
Using these features, I found the file instantly.

Property   Usage
bitrate      bitrate:>150kbps
artist        artist:U2
year         year:1977..1987
year         year:>1980<1990
album      album:"greatest hits"
genre       genre:rock
lyrics        lyrics:"one"
track        track:12
 These are just the music search options. The following page contains all the possible options.

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