Today I got a PDF document from a client that I needed to fill out and hand back in digitally. The PDF did not feature any inputboxes so editting the PDF was not an option. I found myself pondering the remaining options:

  1. Print --> Fill out --> Scan --> Hand in.
    I didn't really like the first option, I'm in IT....I dont write stuff .
  2. Retype the entire document and fill it out digitally, and hand it back in.
    I'm in IT, i don't retype stuff.
  3. Convert the PDF back to word.

So that only left me with option 3, converting the pdf to word.
There are many word to pdf converters out there, but I never really looked for something that does the opposite.

A small Bing resulted in

After uploading the PDF and entering my email address, I got an e-mail in no more than a minute containing my PDF as a Word document.
I was dumbstruck by the quality of the conversion of the form, so I uploaded another 77 page PDF and had that converted aswell.
Even this large document with lots of tables was converted perfectly.....well almost....

  1. Footer and Header recognition: footers and headers are not recognized, and are just text on each page. It would be really nice if these could be recognized and put into the word document as a footer or a header.
  2. Heading and TOC recognition: It would be nice if headings (chapters and paragraphs) could be recognized by PDFtoWord. Then they could also create a TOC instead of just text.

Hope someone finds this service usefull to.